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Our Presidents

…Having said all this and after viewing the Mary Jones tab at, there is nothing to say that our presidents are anything less than devoutly patriotic. Each governs in the manner he thinks will best advance the interests of our nation, right or left; however, the reality remains that all advisors need do is change the course of the ship less than two degrees per year and at the end of 100 years the vessel plows South, in totally the wrong direction; just as it does now!

Our nation was not founded on socialism. Socialism is contrary to our ideology. We have fought against socialism, Fabian, communist, and other for more than a century. It took generations for our citizens to amass any degree of wealth (even today nonesuch exists for many of our fellow countrymen). Therefore, it is unfair and misguided for foreigners in foreign lands to expect that we should support them and their pet projects financially while our nation is hurting from the worst recession since 1929. It is unfair and misguided, as well, for new arrivals to expect that they should be provided a big, fat check in addition to a mansion, yacht, and gold paved avenue to success upon reaching our shores.

Yes, for now we still have it better than the rest of the world and we can all experience the American dream again. We even can help those in foreign lands; but first, we must get the money multiplier up and running again (circulating at one or two times now, versus its normal rate of four to five - check out the book). The alternative is that we will be consumed by The Plan, the looming dragon: utopia for the supreme elite (just a handful of families at the pinnacle of world wealth) and abject socialism for the masses (you and me).

America must come first. We need to secure FREEDOM/ our free-enterprise system and regain our momentum before we can embark on mending the ills that lie outside our borders.

 FREEDOM is everything…


Ooooooooooh!...and get the credit card out of that guy’s hands, will ya’? If you or I spent like that guy, our bank would have foreclosed on our homes and thrown us in debtors’ prison eons ago. Take back the card or impeach him! He’s already spent our kids’ money. That’s why they can’t find jobs. Now he’s working on our grand kids, the born and unborn. Yuch!