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Wall Street's "SILENT SPRING"

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WALL STREET’S Silent Spring


 Abacus Road®is the mathematical formula that sets Price in world investment markets; it controls the price of: stocks; options; bonds; stock, currency & commodity futures; derivatives; real estate; even interest rates.



 Abacus Road®is the Common Denominator of World Economics, the REAL-TIME mathematical formula used in electronic investment charting that provides Macro to Micro Economics-at-a-glance in annual time frames, ‘right-down-to-the-tick!The formula is mathematically verifiable; therefore irrefutable. Abacus Road® relies on the sine/cosine relationship where one wave precedes the next in series (see chart below), Price Current is set to the first wave and this makes Price Future virtually the same, only modified by future demand (the buyers who show up at the counter each day). Because of this sine/cosine relationship, Price can be anticipated; therefore Price can be manipulated…and often is.


Withheld from the market by government action, NEWLY RELEASED: “Market Bubbles, Abacus Road® and the Fight for the American Dream,” Copyright ©2010 by Robert J. Castro, is a book that describes the formula and how it drives the Price of food, clothing, shelter, and energy: world commerce; therefore politics. The book also describes how the formula caused the 2000 to 2010 market melt-downs in the U.S., and how for more than 100 years a cabal of wealthy investors, primarily in Europe, has used the formula to create world financial turmoil, manipulate and skim world markets, and line its pockets with greed to the detriment of world society. We see the effects here at home in the United States of America, as well as in Argentina, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, and...the “Ring of Ruin” (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and “Arab Spring” - constant turmoil without resolve waiting for potentates favorable to a NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO) to ascend to power).

If you care about your children's future, the future of their progeny, then you MUST read this book to understand"Globalization" is the euphemism for the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda to unite all countries of the world under ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT; an action that will spell an END to FREEDOM in AMERICA, the very SOVEREIGNTY of our nation(This isn't a rant). The affliction affects both sides of the isle:

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