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U.S. Dominated by 1 WO

Posted in: World Order

 I am on a mission to save our country. Will you help me?

I have written the most important financial publication of the century (not because I am a great author, but because I have found and disclose in Open Source code the mathematical formula that sets Price in world investment markets). The formula acts as Supply-side economics in virtually every investment transaction on the planet: Stocks, options, bonds, currency & commodity futures, derivatives, real estate, even interest rates. Because the formula is additive it creates price ‘Bubbles’ (build and crash) in individual investments, through sectors and exchanges, to whole markets. Using the formula one can anticipate investment price with extreme accuracy. Price can be anticipated; therefore, Price can be manipulated, and often is.


In my youth each of my grandfathers, the Ambassador from El Salvador (30+ years) and founding father of the U.N., and the House Representative from Port Huron, MI (R, 28+ years), Chairman of the House Bank and Currency Committee (today Financial Services), and (later) Chairman of the FDIC, told me that a small group of investment sleuths, primarily in Europe, controlled world finance. Today, this same group is on a quest to unite all countries of the world under One World Government (vicariously referred to as the New World Order, renamed One World Order, 1 WO - See what presidents to the Pope have to say about it at [‘Mary Jones’ tab, home page]. Shocking!)

 How the 1 WO Makes its Money

The 1 WO manipulates the formula to make its money and influence world politics. We see the effects in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, and here at home in the United States of America. Prime in its agenda for the U.S. are: 1) take-over of the U.S. military (repeatedly called for by Secretaries of the U.N. and partially achieved at NATO, both 1 WO advocates) and 2) registration of gun owners leading to confiscation of firearms owned by private U.S. citizens.

World unification would be the ideal if 1 WO ideology were patterned after the American free- enterprise model; instead it is patterned after the middle ages Lord-to-serf model. The future of America, the very Freedom of our citizens hangs in the balance…This is no Drill.


___ Robert J. Castro

See: The Abacus Road® video at:


Intrigued?  SEE  FREE  the exposé by Alex Jones, “Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement” and Peter Joseph’s “Zeitgeist,” the segment about the Federal Reserve.

Still don’t believe the 1 WO exists? View the History Channel’s special, “History’s Mysteries: Decoding the Past, Secret Societies,” A&E catalog #AAE70720, library DVD SKU #3849-68207, 2001) about the Bilderbergs and influence peddling at New England’s finest colleges.