America First Charitable Trust

In 2008 Robert J. Castro formed America First Charitable Trust: 1)  to help protect the families of those emergency personnel who help us when we need them most and 2) to help the downtrodden destroyed by unfair or illicit trade practices while investing.


The purpose of America First Charitable Trust is to devote and apply contributions now or hereafter vested in the Trust exclusively for charitable, religious, scientific, literary, or educational activities.

Mission Statement

The mission of America First Charitable Trust is to provide support to those in need who include families of policemen, fire, rescue, and emergency medical escort personnel who gave their lives while on duty to preserve our way of life.

Our mission also includes the support of those in need who are among the financially abused, now downtrodden, many of whom lost everything in recent economic declines through actions other than their own.

The mission of America First Charitable Trust further provides for superior, cost-free education, training, and other services in support of incorporated communities and debt-laden low-to-moderate income natural persons, families, and others in need regarding how to employ sound investment and money-management skills to make wise financial decisions that will culminate in their becoming and living debt-free.

Funds Provided

 The Trust shall consist of contributions made by the Robert J. Castro Family Foundation,from the commercial use of the Abacus Road® electronic financial indicator stream (patent pending & reason for the End Users License Agreement [EULA]), together with contributions made to America First Charitable Trust by patriotic citizens, corporations, and charitable organizations.

It is anticipated that substantial contributions to the Foundation will be made over the years by financial institutions, investment houses, and individual investment advisors the planet over; as well as, by many individuals who feel compelled to assist in securing and maintaining maximum economic productivity at minimal cost to advance Freedom and prosperity for world populations.


Discover the movement. Restore America. Help us get our nation moving again, so we can free the world from financial enslavement.


Warm personal regards,

/Robert J. Castro/


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